Secretary  0409523460

Probus Club of Ararat President for 2020/21 Joy Wheeler

Life Member Harry Wheeler

Presidents Message

The Probus Club of Ararat .established in 1984, strives to meet the needs of active

retirees within the Rural City of Ararat.We provide  opportunities for members to join together to enjoy each others fellowship, to participate in specific interest groups, take part in short excursions within our local and nearby community and join with other members and their partners on extended trips.

Monthly meetings usually feature a local or visiting guest speaker or  an activity  followed by a meal

To gain more insight  into Probus generally  ,which is sponsored by Rotary , I suggest you visit Probus South Pacific web site .

To find out more about our club please contact our secretary


A quote from the October/November 2019 issue of Active Retirees new PSPL Chairman Margaret Drake when asked "What makes Probus so special?"

Probus is a social club without a lot of the constraints of other associations, which means each Club can mould itself to the needs of its members. This means that no matter what Club you're a member of, you can have direct input into the activities in which those members can choose to participate. 

This also means that every Club has a great range of activities that everyone enjoys, no matter how active or inactive they choose to be. Probus is non-political, non-religious and does not fund raise, attributes that appeal to many retirees.

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