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Newsletter by editor Peter Kaczynski

Our club travelled to Rupanyup and Murtoa on October 20th 2022

All aboard for Rupanyup

The Murtoa stick shed had to  be seen to be believed


Ray always wanted a tractor, but Glenda wanted a motorhome.

Lunch time at the Rupanyup Museum. Dont stand between a Probian and a plate of sangas

DSC_3884 Stick shed group.jpg

Group photo of Probians inside the stick shed at Murtoa

DSC_3870 Hurstfield Ray.jpg

Roger can remember these on the road

DSC_3869 Joy & Pauline.jpg
DSC_3831 Kilpatrick Herb (1).jpg

Joy and Norman reminisce in the washing machine collection


Our June 2022 meeting w as  followed by a trip to Great Western, a tour of the Seppelt Underground cellars and finally an excellent lunch at the Great Western Hotel. 

cronins and helen.jpg
john chris mieke.jpg
marlene and neil.jpg
terri and isn.jpg
anne barbara.jpg
harry and joy.jpg
anne nancy jan.jpg
chris and verna_edited.jpg

Chris and Verna, picnic in the park 2022

david and jan.jpg

David and Jan, picnic in the park

DSC_2826 picnic  2021.jpg
max c.jpg

Max relaxing at our picnic in the park January 2022

Peter's favourite pic of the day - six lovely ladies - Marleen, Christeen, Chris, Jeanette, Pauline and Pam

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