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In March 2022 twenty four members travelled to Warrnambool for the Annual Caravan and Cabin trip. 


Ah trifle, yes I should be able to fit some in


All aboard the bus to Port Fairy


Avis, the Maremma protection dog from Middle Island


Olivia gave a talk on the penguins and Maremma protection dogs on  Middle Island

DSC_3526 McClurg Nancy.jpg

How many have I had Anna?, Sorry, I stopped counting at three

DSC_3544 Group Maremma.jpg
DSC_3563 Walk Tower Hill.jpg

Those enjoying a walk at Tower Hill. Loved the wildlife!!

DSC_3574 Hirst McClurg.jpg
DSC_3528 Kilpatrick John.jpg

This marinade stuff takes some moving

DSC_3571 Koala spotting.jpg

Yeah, Yeah, up there in the fork of the tree

towerhill dressmaker.jpg
DSC_3538 Hirst Gerry pat.jpg

I'll help you get rid of those

DSC_3572 Koala.jpg

A koala, amongst a lot of wildlife at Tower Hill

verna and ambrose.jpg
DSC_3531 Smart Rod  Maureen.jpg

Mr and Mrs Smart, taking a load off at Flagstaff Hill

lisa ot.jpg

Peter, Lisa and Maureen on pizza night. Lisa gave us a timely  O.T. talk on "falls"

Harry and Anna.jpg

Anna and Harry take advantage of the music from Russ Goodear at our wind up dinner

port fairy smoko.jpg
pam and marilyn.jpg
port fairy lunch 2.jpg
port fairy lunch.jpg

As with every camp, it is all about the FOOD. Richard, Marilyn and Muff enjoying lunch at Port Fiary

port fairy1.jpg

Glenda lends a hand on pancake duty

port fairy 2.jpg
devonshite tea.jpg

Those scones at the Tea House at Flagstaff Hill were a big hit

Pam and Peter taking a break in Port Fairy. A tidy and pleasant town

Come on Rod, enough of the cheesy grins. These pancakes are burning

Coffee and a toastie in the gardens at Fletcher Jones

fletcher jones.jpg
DSC_3597 Peter Rod Gerry Breakwater dingo.jpg

Up close with a dingo at the Warrnambool breakwater

DSC_3612 Kilpatricks.jpg

John and Marg brought along family and friend Des Bartlett to our dinner at the RSL. 

DSC_3587 Pam breakwater dingo.jpg
DSC_3614 Hurstfield McClurg Pam K.jpg

That's it for 2022, where to next year??

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