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DSC_3644 Hamilton Probus winners 2022.jpg

Winners for 2022 were Hamilton 2 team skippered by Cliff Brinkermann

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Runners up 2022 were Donald

skippered by A Frank

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Fifth place were Ararat team of David Haddow, Ambrose Joyce, Jim Van Raaphordt and Peter Kaczynski with Bowls Coordinator Harry Wheeler (centre)


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Prize winners for last game highest score were Barry Joyce, Harry Wheeler, Rod McClurg and Alan Dunn


Plenty of colour and action on the greens

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Important helpers on the day are Alan Grant, Max Cronin and Bob Howland


Our Probian ladies that did the morning shift, no one went hungry thanks to Helen and Joy

marg helen sweets.jpg

Have a look at that fruit salad. Marg and Helen get ready to serve up

DSC_3640 teams.jpg

Players enjoy morning tea before taking to the greens


Someone better get something in the head


A Horsham player gets one away

DSC_3637 Joy & Helen catering.jpg

The two Probians behind the excellent catering,  Helen and Joy  

DSC_3016 Wheeler J.jpg

President Joy  - "if I see one more boiled egg, I think I will get clucky"

DSC_3018 Catering team.jpg

Some of the catering team - they did a great job


Pauline works on the egg sangas in time for   afternoon tea

DSC_3022 Montara Harry & Rod.jpg

Rod and Harry, two of the event organisers

Raffle ticket seller John Kilpatrick


Winners of biggest winning margin in 2nd game at Hopetoun Harry, Rod, Laurie and Neil


Bob Howland gets one away at Hopetoun


Granty waits for his skippers bowl at Hopetoun


Harry is handling that bowling arm well

DSC_2821 20 years bowlers.jpg

Congratulations from Harry Wheeler to Richard, Trevor, Barry and Max for 20 years of Probus Bowls

DSC_3085 Grant A 20 year badge.jpg

Congratulations from Harry Wheeler to Alan Grant  for 20 years of Probus Bowls

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We would like to thanks our sponsors for their generous support.

Major sponsors are - Brendans Australian Tours

                                      Graeme McKay Earthmoving

                                      A.M.E. Systems

                                     Sally Hinchliffe & Assoc- Chartered Accountants

                                     G.J. Gardiner Homes

                                     Christians Buses

Other sponsors - Bendigo Bank, Montara Winery, Lyal Eales Stores, Kimbarra Wines, Verna and Ambrose Joyce, Alan Grant, Fratin Bros Winery, Mt Langi Ghiran Winery, Bruce, Heather and Danial Ahchow  Seppelt's Great Western, Grampian Ford,  Foster's Mensland Ararat and Stawell, Best's Winery, Bulte's Timber and Hardware.

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