Trips and Outings

Our Annual Caravan and Camping Trip to Mildura was  from  March 11th to 15th. Have a look below for some photos. 

Those silly buggers can play their games, I'll sit here and supervise

What's the name of this game again Glenda??

The Mayor and Mayoress at Varapodio Estate
Trevor reckons this Apple Bush honey is OK

PK tucks into his favourite dessert - trifle

Marg Carmichael giving PK a lesson on how to cook her steak

After cooking for the multitudes Killer

gets to sample some pancakes 

Our group enjoys lunch at Cafe 1909

Yes and I do all the cooking at home as well. All Harrry can do is eat!!

Come on Pauline, people will think both of these wines are for me

Ken Ritchie shows his hookey prowess

Winners of the Rubik Cube night were Maree and Ambrose

Chateau Aldi 2019. A very good year Harry

Gwen Rhook - who would think she is only 79

Well done Phil, you must have a degree in quoits

Max enjoys the sunshine at Mildura

Beverly McRae receives her Entertainer  Award from PK

minimal title

Alan and Bertha after lunch at Varopodio Estate

Ambrose attracts all the ladies

Two of these and lets party

Nancy thanks the staff at Cafe 1909

Marilyn and Richard at the BBQ with their recycled table they brought along

Fay Hull gets into the spirit of Rubik Cube night

Trevor had a great time on our camp

Any wonder Rod has grey hair trying to make these Probians pay attention at happy hour

Some  new crims arriving at Webtworth Gaol

Denis keeps score at the games morning

George at our final  dinner - Gateway Tavern Mildura

Joy and Peter - who has the loudest tie??

Gwen and Jan aboard the paddlesteamer PS Melbourne

Cruisin on the Murray in Mildura

All aboard PS Melbourne

Waiting for lunch at Varapodio Estate

A very proud John after Bev wins her sports award

Mario holds the floor at Orange World

Judges Harry and Little Ann with winner Maree in the Rubik comp

Dave and Mable do their stuff

Nice legs David, we only need a pool table to use them

Happy hour in Mildura after a big day

Now its time for a beer Muff


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