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2nd Thursday of each  month 10am at Ararat West Uniting Church    55 Banfield St Ararat 

Secretary  Maureen Smart
Email -
Phone  0400603764
P.O. Box 258, Ararat  3377



President of Probus Club of Ararat for 2024/25 Joy Wheeler


Guest Speaker for July, Stuart Kerr from East Grampian Health Service

Newly inducted members Bill Byron and Ulrich Beucher with President Joy

Pam, Joy and Maureen at our Christmas lunch


Guest speaker for our June meeting Elia Pirtle from Project Platypus with members Harry Collins and Sonia Smith

harry and joy.jpg

Probus bowls donated funds towards a future Probus outing. Harry is pictured handing over the cheque to President Joy .

Gerry and Trevor lay the wreath on Anzac Day
Lunch at Chalambar after the June meeting


Syllabus 2024-2025

President: Joy Wheeler                        0409 529 726

Vice Pres: Ian Holwell                            0484 772 447

Secretary: Maureen Smart                0400 603 764

Ass’t Sec: Rod McClurg                      0409 523 460

Treasurer: Glenys Andrew                 0400 699 198


Tim Andrew              0458 532 656

Glenda Hurstfield53 521 329  0407 

Pauline Weeks       0410 524 878

Ken Richie                 0417 106 593

Bowls Coordinators

Rod McClurg           0409 523 460

Harry Wheeler       0490 465 615

Website Webmaster

Rod McClurg

Camps Committee

Rod & Nancy McClurg, Ray & Glenda Hurstfield

Syllabus Committee

Ken Richie

2024 Programme


Apr 6th          Committee Meeting

Apr 11th       Rob Smith – former teacher & author

Apr 18th       Chalambar coffee 10.00am

May 2nd        Committee meeting

May 9th         Les Gason – former CEO Gason’s

May 16th      Chalambar coffee 10.00am

Jun 6th          Committee meeting

Jun 13th        Elia Pirtle – Project Platypus

Jun 20th        Chalambar coffee 10.00am

July 4th         Committee meeting

July 11th        Stuart Kerr – Director Support                                Services EGHS

July 18th        Chalambar coffee 10.00am

Aug 1st          Committee meeting

Aug 8th         Father Martin –Anglican Priest. His                           journey

Aug 15th       Chalambar coffee 10.00am

Sept 5th        Committee meeting

Sept12th      Liza Robinson – granddaughter of                        creator of Vegemite

Sept 19th     Chalambar coffee 10.00am

Oct 3rd          Committee meeting

Oct 10th       Michael Ransom – former chairman of Probus South Pacific

Oct 17th       Chalambar coffee 10.00am

Nov 7th         Committee meeting

Nov 14th      Anthony Kumnick – Great Western                        Granary (boutique bakery)

Nov 21st      Mystery Tour – details to be advised.

Dec 5th         Committee meeting

Dec 12th      Meeting followed by Christmas                              lunch at R.S.L.


2025 Programme


Jan 9th          Picnic lunch – venue to be advised.

Feb 6th         Committee meeting

Feb 13th       Members talks.

Feb 20th       Chalambar coffee 10.00am

Mar 5th         Committee meeting

Mar 6th         A.G.M. Members quiz

Mar 10th- 14th  Annual caravan and camping tour.

Mar 31st       Annual Probus bowls day

Morning Tea Roster


March 24                  Ambrose  & Verna Joyce

April 24                      Nancy McClurg & Ann  Sullivan

May 24                       Ian & Terry Holwell

June 24                      Lawrie & Val Tonkin

July 24                        Harry Collins & Norman Clark

Aug 24                        M Carmichael & H Molloy    Sept 24                      Roger & Rhonda Spratt

Oct 24                        Richard Fisher & Ken Richie

Nov 24                       Pauline Weeks & Jan Porter

Dec 24                       Sonia Smith & Chris Clark

Feb 25                        David Haddow & Bryan Park

Emergencies         Rod McClurg, Harry Wheeler, Pam Kaczynski, Mieke Hunt, Mick & Rose Dowd, Ray Hurstfield

Attend at 9.30am, secretary will be there to let you in. Please bring 2 litres of milk. Other supplies are in our cupboard in the storeroom. Fill the urn and switch it on, it will take about 45 minutes to heat up.

Set up 2 blow mould tables, use tablecloths and put out sugar, biscuits etc. Get cups & teapot in the kitchen organised. Attend the general meeting up to General Business, then return to kitchen for final preparations for morning tea. Once the meeting is closed, open up slide and serve members. After everyone has been served, other members will help with the washing / cleaning.

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